BACKHUS References – on a par with the Professionals

As the world's leading manufacturer of professional composting, waste treatment and soil remediation solutions, our concepts for plant and machinery providing logical, long-term solutions for the treatment of waste are in operation the world over. Following is a brief selection of project solutions by the EcoEngineers:

Project: Intensive composting for volumetric reduction of domestic waste

Country: Spain

Solution: Fully-automatic BACKHUS LT 45.22 with Panel PC and remote diagnosis

Project: Composting green waste in trapezoid piles

Country: The Netherlands

Solution: BACKHUS 11.30 with electronic control system and self-supporting discharge conveyer

Project: Organic fertilizer production for sustainable farmers

Country: Germany

Solution: BACKHUS 14.28 with Diesel engine

Project: Production of bulk and bagged compost certified with the RAL seal (quality certificate of the German Composting Quality Assurance Organisation (BGK))of quality for gardeners and wineries

Country: Germany

Solution: BACKHUS 16.43 with concentrate spraying system and hose reel

Project: Composting green waste

Country: USA

Solution: Second-hand BACKHUS 15.50, built 1999, with air-conditioning and full factory overhaul

Project: Treatment of dredged material, sludge drying on a large-scale in open terrain

Country: Germany

Solution: BACKHUS 16.50 with landfill undercarriage, wider track pads and double-sided track clearers

Project: Composting sewage sludge with straw

Country: Poland

Solution: BACKHUS 17.55

Project: Producing high-quality soil conditioner for regional companies and private users

Country: Germany

Solution: BACKHUS 17.60 with elevating cab, special water jet nozzles and hose reel carriage

Project: Production of premium-quality organic fertilizer for fruit growers, cut flower market and tree nurseries

Country: The Netherlands

Solution: BACKHUS 6.75 with side conveyer, elevating cab, BACKHUS Management System (BMS), armored drum tools, and cell phone-based remote diagnosis

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