There is only one alternative to a new BACKHUS – a used BACKHUS.

We, as EcoEngineers, do what we do best… and have been doing it for more than 25 years. We take used BACKHUS machines and parts and place them in new areas of application. We do this with the corresponding manufacturer's warranty and the renowned BACKHUS know how. Additional guarantees are available upon request

BACKHUS 15.50 (figure similar)
Ref. No. KOM-41567

  • Windrow turner
  • Year of construction: 1998
  • Operating hours: approx. 1.375
  • Delivery time: on request
  • Options:
    Protective ventilation unit, Mobile cabin, Air condition system

Neuson Eco 5003
Ref: Eco5003

  • Year of construction: 2011
  • Operating hours: 3.800
  • New conveyor belt
  • Delivery time: upon request


Ref. No. KOM-86050

  • Side Conveyor
  • Year of construction: 2008
  • Operating hours: approx. 30
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